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Take charge of your life…


Dream Power:
Let your dreams solve your problems!

Dream your way to success.
If it’s on your mind the dreaming mind will be solving it.

You will learn:

  • That there are different types of dreams and how they can help you
  • How to read dreams rather than interpret them
  • Some common misconceptions about them.

Wake up to another way of knowing.

Spiritual Power:
The Soul’s Journey

Be inspired by what you can become!

You will gain a deeper sense of:

  • Why we’re here
  • How we unfold
  • Our possible higher potential.

Workshop brings spiritual philosophy, psychology and frontier science to a point of convergence.

Soul Power:
Be Calm, Centred and Connected

Provides a 10-step roadmap to help you stand lovingly in your power while allowing others to stand in theirs.

You will learn:

  • How to live with less negativity
  • How to appreciate your own true worth
  • How to move from survival to significance.

Workshop contains the secrets to finding and connecting with yourself.

Irresistible Power:
Making LOVE work in our relationships

Explores the art of building loving and mindful relationships.

Have fun exploring:

  • New ways to connect and improve your relationships
  • How to take responsibility for what we bring to them
  • Their potentially deeper significance.

Suitable for singles, couples…with or without your partner.


“The workshops helped me grow in more ways than
I could have imagined…I just wanted more!” – Anita


Getting Unstuck

Freeing ourselves from inner conflicts…we’ve all got them!

  • Reinvent yourself by learning how to harness the powerful energy hidden in your inner conflicts.
  • This seminar will give you the tools to move forward with intent and purpose.
  • It also provides you with skills so they don’t recur down the track.


Thriving Through Transitions

How to harness your full potential in times of change

  • Do you view unwelcome transitions as a threat to your peace and happiness?
  • This seminar will reveal how there’s a lot more to transitions than most people realize.
  • It showcases how to work consciously with the creative process.


Unpacking Our Dilemmas

Knowing when to act and when to let things be

  • Have you ever wondered what the right thing to do is here?
  • Is being wise just a blend of knowledge and experience…or is it something more?
  • This seminar explores how to be spiritually discerning in the face of competing values and responsibilities.


Demystifying How To Be

It’s simpler than you think!

  • Do you overthink everything and need to let the pressure down?
  • This seminar provides a new way of thinking about ourselves.
  • It showcases how to “Be” rather than live in the mind where we can get trapped in our personal fiction.


The Power of Detachment

How to avoid the traps!

  • Are you having a toxic conversation with yourself…or others?
  • This seminar will give you some immunity from negative emotions.
  • It will help you leave insecurity behind and gain more peace of mind.


“ The workshop content is thorough, significant and meaningful. It’s practical. I’ve now got
the tools to make the shift, offering new ways of handling situations.” – Ann

Tackling Tough Times

Without feeling “cooked”

  • Are you feeling worn out in the face of your challenges?
  • Have you ever wondered why difficulties break some people and are the making of others?
  • This seminar will help give you more power to persist and get the full benefit out of your experiences.


The Secrets of Passive Power

How not to give your power away!

  • Have you ever said “yes” when you meant to say “no”?
  • Do you think that others take advantage of you?
  • If you would like free yourself from the impostors of power, this seminar is for you!


Loving Fearlessly

Redefining what we think love is

  • We can often be wounded by our understanding of love.
  • Can how we express love depend on what we think love is?
  • This seminar will give you insights into what often masquerades as love.


Reclaiming Ourselves

Why we don’t hear what we need to know

  • Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to find yourself?
  • Ever questioned what you’re really committed to?
  • This seminar provides a roadmap to help you detour around the roadblocks that hide what you are wanting to find?


Need a Speaker?

The Secrets of Service

How to avoid servitude!

  • Do you feel like you need to save the world?
  • Would you like to help others but don’t know how to proceed?
  • This seminar explores how to be happy while making a difference and without feeling depleted.



“Empower Yourself” Discussion Group

  • Explore strategies and principles that can be applied to life issues.
  • Helps build regular mindfulness.
  • Meets online every 1 -2 weeks.

Group Dream Coaching

  • Follow-up online support for the “Dream Power” and “Getting Unstuck” seminars.
  • Have fun exploring your dreams with the benefit of group insights.

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